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Aurora: “World in a City” Offers a Diverse Workforce

Aurora: "World in a City" Offers a Diverse Workforce

Aurora: “World in a City” Offers a Diverse Workforce

Every year, more than 5,500 people choose to call the City of Aurora, Colorado, this “World in a City” home. Aurora attracts investments from top national employers, recognized home builders, and commercial developers. Here, diverse talent and a dynamic cultural environment drive innovation.

  • Diverse Workforce: Aurora is one of the country’s most diverse with 20% of the population born in another country, making every idea count. Aurora’s workforce, focused on professional development and innovation, stands ready to drive your business to the next level. AEDC join forces with local educational institutions, ensuring a pipeline of top-tier talent for your industry.
  • Aurora’s Rich Tapestry of Amenities: Immerse your business in a city that seamlessly blends urban sophistication with a multitude of parks, golf courses, and trails. Aurora proudly represents 160+ unique languages spoken while offering diverse amenities, from an unmatched ethnic dining scene to stunning recreational spaces enhanced by the Colorado lifestyle.
  • Catalyst for Growth: At the heart of Aurora, FIC is the epicenter of groundbreaking advancements in medical and life sciences. Aurora is rapidly transforming into the Bioscience Boulevard, attracting pioneers keen on making meaningful solutions. AEDC connects businesses to this vibrant hub, providing access to cutting-edge facilities, collaborative spaces, and strategic partnerships that will elevate your business to reach its full potential.

In this innovative city powered by the dynamic collaboration of Aurora Economic Development Council (AEDC) and Fitzsimons Innovation Community (FIC), your company is meant to be here, too.