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Sun Construction Offers Expertise and Precision for Life Sciences

Sun Construction Offers Expertise and Precision for Life Sciences

Sun Construction Offers Expertise and Precision for Life Sciences

In the realm of construction, not all projects are created equal. While some may be large in scale and straightforward in execution, others require a unique blend of expertise, precision, and attention to detail. Sun Construction understands the intricacies involved in smaller-scale, technically challenging projects within the life sciences sector. 

Sun’s specialized solutions are tailored to meet the distinct needs of these environments, with a particular focus on their extensive experience in GMP, clean room, and laboratory environments, reflecting their visible and unique expertise in these critical areas.

Recently, the company added a dedicated water/foam/vapor fire suppression system to an existing hazardous storage tank farm at Agilent Technologies in Boulder. The system featured automatic Vapor LEL gas detection, manual release stations, and a control panel connecting to the building’s fire alarm system. To accommodate the new system, Sun constructed an addition to house water service entry, foam tank, and distribution piping, supported by deep caissons and structural framing. 

The team tapped a new 6″ fire service line into the existing fire main and routed it across the roof, considering structural support and drainage. Removing and recoating the containment area at the tank farm provides enhanced safety.

Sun Construction’s dedication to excellence is particularly evident in their approach to smaller-scale special projects.